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"Danny and the Cobbler"
"Sweet & Sour"
"Face - Day - Memory”.  
Animated memorial project for IDF fallen soldiers. 
Danny Teichler Died in Yom Kippur War.
The film describes the unique friendship that developed between Danny, when he was in kindergarten, and a lonely shoemaker.
The friendship remained secret until Danny's death, so the shoemaker came to comfort Danny's mother and told her about their friendship over the years.
"Beit Avichai" - Jerusalem. 2014.

My Graduation project which encompasses the sweet and sour story
of two rival brothers, "Bezalel Academy of Art and Design", 2011.

Festival Appearances:
2012/ Xiamen internatinal animation festival  /China
2012 / KROK international animated film festival  /Russia
2012 / Sehsuechte international student film festival  /Germany 
2012 / Tricky Woman International festival of Animated film  /Austria
2012 / Jerusalem film festival  /Israel
2011 / Haifa international film festival /Israel
"From the mouth of a little girl"
A little girl learns first handed what it means
to keep your mouth shut.
"Bezalel Academy of Art and Design", 2010.
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